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DJ RonS: Chicago, IL (Friday, 8pm, Eastern)

Ron Slomowicz (RONS) is a Chicago-based DJ/VJ/Journalist with a 25 year-long career.  Voted Best Club DJ in Nashville for five years in the Nashville Scene’s Readers’ Choice awards, Ron was a resident of the city’s best clubs (The Zone, eXceSs, The Connection, Velvet, and then ending up at the internationally-recognized Play and Tribe), entertaining crowds with his unique and high energy mix of music and video. On top of weekly residencies, an active travel schedule keeps him spinning around the country in Indianapolis, Miami, Atlanta, and Columbus. All this travel led to a Best Resident/Club VJ nomination in the Clubworld awards. 

Ron is a Billboard Club Chart reporter, part of the panel of 150 respected DJs whose charts determine the weekly national chart.

An award-winning international authority on electronic dance music, DJ RonS is both trendsetter and chronicler. With a fresh new perspective in the birthplace of house music, there is no telling what the future holds for RONS.

DJ Seizure: Nashville, TN (Saturday, 7pm, Eastern)

Curtis Jennette, known professionally as Seizure, has always had music in his blood. Son of a native Nashville musician, he was exposed to many different instruments and genres from an early age. Finding that music theory and performance came very naturally for him, he attended 2 local Arts Magnet schools to further hone his skills.

It was during this time that his passion for EDM began. Attending raves, house parties and listening to artists such as Cascada, DJ S3RL, and Sidney Samson, Seizure began his 3-year transformation into the local DJ community. During this time Curtis found work at a notable Nashville nightclub known as "Anthem" which helped expand his knowledge of the different types of DJ styles (Hip-hop, EDM, House, and Break-Beat). 

Finding his niche with Represent Drum and Bass and Koncrete Jungle, he was able to see many of the best DJs of the genre and make the connections that would lead to playing several clubs in and around Nashville. Seizure has had the honor of sharing the stage with some of the best DJs in the world, including opening for DJ Aphrodite, as well as sharing the bill with artist such Terrence Parker, Dotcom, and MK Ultra (now known Leah Culver) Most recently, he competed against 6 other DJs to win a residency at Play Dance Bar, "Nashville's Hottest Dance Floor". Now, you can catch him on air!

DJ Justin Kayser: San Francisco, CA (Saturday, 8pm, Eastern)

Justin Kayser is a Singer/DJ from San Francisco, California. Having loved electronic music at an early age, Justin has been influenced by the deep soulful sound of West Coast electronic music from legendary labels as Naked Music and OM Records, which eventually led to him becoming a DJ, getting his start in such Bay Area clubs as the Lookout, and The Continental. 

Justin has also been an enthusiastic MC, and Singer/Songwriter. After discovering his hero Colette (Candy Talk Records, SuperJane) and Chuck Love (OM Records), whom both incorporate live performance while DJ'ing, Justin decided to become one of the few DJs out there who included live singing during their DJ sets, which played into the creation of his own label; Club Kayser Records. Justin released his first single "Cherry Margarita" in 2017 and has since continued to release new music.

His music has been supported by some big names in the business, including; Annie Mac, Shiba San, H@k, Matt Prehn, Gustavo Scorpio, Fish Go Deep, Tahir Jones, K-zan, and Al Bradley, Remixes of his songs have been done by such talent as Leo Frappier, Gustavo Scorpio, InfectedSun, Matt Prehn, Karl Sierra, and much more!

DJ Apollo: Nashville, TN (Saturday, 9pm, Eastern)

DJ Apollo began singing in choirs at a young age. Moving into adulthood, he wanted to keep with music, and became a DJ.

Apollo took to the nightlife early, becoming a sound and light programmer/technician. Eventually, his curiosity of spinning music took control. He has DJd for venues in Middle Tennessee, Louisville and Johnson City, along with large-scale events, including the Nashville AIDS Walk every October.​

​When you hear DJ Apollo, you hear him "run the gamut" of music genres, giving you an audio experience that is worth every second.

DJ Ricky Sixx: Chicago, IL (Saturday, 10pm, Eastern)

Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area, DJ Ricky Sixx was exposed to a plethora of different varieties and genres of music (raised on the post-punk, punk, and industrial genres of the '70's and '80's while being a child of the '90's).

Currently, Ricky is based out of Chicago, and has become a traveling DJ, making frequent guest appearances at Greg's Our Place in Indianapolis, The Lookout in San Francisco, The Port Bar in Oakland, and The Endup in San Francisco, along with a monthly return to his old residency at Tribe in Nashville, TN. He also holds many radio and talk shows on various international stations, and edits remix and original music videos.

DJ Silver Nova  : Louisville, KY (Sunday, 4pm, Eastern)

DJ Silver Nova aka Daddy Dave is a Trance/House/Progressive DJ mixing the classics and current tracks that will keep ya moving. 

Currently collaborating with DJ Mentary on a current venture to bring trance and progressive to downtown Louisville at the Limbo Club; a quaint Tiki bar on the second Fridays of each month. 

His roots in EDM and trance go back to Columbus Ohio back at the beginning of the Rave scene in the 90's DJing after hours parties the old school way on vinyl!

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